NEXT Meeting and paper egg shoot 8/18. 5th Interclub egg shoot @ Fox Lake 8/24. Ball draw 0800.
Large Range

Holton Gun & Bow Club

The HGBC was started in 1962 by a group of people from the Holton & Twin Lake areas. They had originally started (In 1960) shooting behind the American Legion in Holton. The group decided they wanted to purchase some property and start a shooting club. The Holton School District had 80 acres on Crystal Lake Rd which had caught on fire & was burnt over. The group purchased the property to start the Holton Gun & Bow Club. They had their first meeting in August of 1962 electing their club’s officers.

The members of the Holton Gun Club wanted a family friendly, safe facility where members could participate in the different shooting disciplines. Over the years - The Holton Gun Club has evolved to become a 4-season shooting facility with a:

  • 1500 square ft. clubhouse with office, meeting room, and kitchen
  • 3-lane 75/100/200yd range, planned for expansion.
  • 40-lane 50/100/200yd range
  • 4-lane 300yd range shared with the 40-lane range
  • Bow Range with ground and elevated spots
  • Pistol Range with a 25yd berm

Holton Gun & Bow Club is a private club, yet we welcome applications.   We also hold shoots open to the public.   Please check the monthly event calendar for dates and times.

Shooting Disciplines



  • 15 eggs on paper for score

Year Round:

3-Lane Range

Refer to the Annual Shooting Schedule to see when throughout the year that shoots are planned.

Recent News/Events

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