This page is dedicated to topics that directly impact our club. These links will take you to other web sites to explore resources that affect us. Please do let us know should you find conflict between remote and HG&BC web sites.

NBRSA-Eastern Region
Benchrest Central Forums
Benchrest Central Comp
IBS Bench Rest
ARA 2020 Bench Rest Rules

We invite you to link into Facebook for your consideration. You will find posts to memorialize experiences at HG&BC. Presently two pages are available. We are working toward one page with the entire content. In order to take advantage of these links you will be asked to log in to your account at Facebook.

Facebook Version 1
Facebook Version 2

For us who load our own favorite recipe, here is AmmoGuide. If you are not a member of AmmoGuide, the following table will allow you to explore the scope of service as member named "DEMO". The member DEMO may explore the content of AmmoGuide but will not display the recipe detail. If you are a member of AmmoGuide, then you are treated to the entire reload recipe. Enjoy.