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Large Range

Club Event Schedule

The HG&BC is organized around a plan and makes things happen thru volunteers. A schedule of the plan is published on this web site in the form of a CALENDAR with additional printed copies available in the clubhouse. Please do check the Comprehensive Event Calendar often for committed dates and times.

Some events are routine and are repeated each year. Those events are summarized in the Shooting Disciplines table seen above. Click on the discipline for details.

For a historic perspective, see 2019 events for the entire year .

Recent News/Events

  • Website update

    Our website has gone through a significant upgrade @2022.12.03 1:50PM. If you wonder what you see is up-to-date, then please use your browser "Reload current page" feature. On most browsers the reload icon looks like an arrow bent into a circle. if you find any problem, then please do email me at webmaster@holtongunandbowclub.com.

  • 2-gun Action Match

    On NOVEMBER 5 thirteen shooters braved the rain and gathered for a 2-gun Match. You are invited to click on the video named match to get a brief peek into the action of a similar 2-gun event on October 15. A gallery of images from both events is coming soon

  • More classes

    LOW READY ARMS is planning to hold CPL classes. For dates at Holton, see the CALENDAR and contact Joe at (231)260-2084 for info or to sign up.

NBRSA Regional September 2022

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